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Business Loans in Auckland

From Business Cashflow through to purchasing businesses, we are highly experienced professionals who can help with any business lending in Auckland.

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Cashflow Loans

This is such a crucial part of any business to get right and actively manage. Having the right funding structure and availability of funds is the cornerstone to achieving this. We can look at what is causing a short fall in current cash flow or whether the need is purely for growth.

Having access to additional capital can allow you to grow your business, invest and sleep at night knowing that you are covered in the event of adversity.

We use various avenues depending on your situation with both banks and non-bank lenders. This means you’re not restricted by any single lender’s offering. We will help structure your debt depending on your requirements.

There are several products we can use to obtain working capital for your business:

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Purchasing a Business

Along with the above working capital loans, Ascend Financial also specialise in loans for purchasing businesses in Auckland, NZ. This can be done through one or more lenders creating a combined solution. Given that we use all types of lenders, we can create a total solution for you which you often wouldn’t get with a single lender.

This can be done using a mix of your existing assets as security and the new assets being purchased including borrowing against the business as a whole  (General security agreement).

When purchasing a business, it is prudent to create a business plan and cashflow forecast to provide guidance and a structure to lean on looking into the future. We can help assist with this and put you in touch with the right people.

We can also provide you with a quick answer of the feasibility and the key things that need to be considered when buying a business.